»Gold looks into a future that seems predestined to regain the natural value of this unique precious metal. We would like to invite you to our annual par force ride and hope that you enjoy reading our In Gold We Trust reports as much as we enjoy writing them.«
Ronald Stöferle and Mark Valek
Authors of the In Gold We Trust report
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»Arguably, the In Gold We Trust report is the most comprehensive analysis of the global political economy through the lens of the Austrian School of economic thought. A unique perspective on gold, with some fantastic charts and always an enjoyable read.«
John Reade
Chief Market Strategist of World Gold Council
»Thorough, Comprehensive, Must have Analysis of the Gold Markets and factors driving its price!«
Rob McEwen
Founder von Goldcorp, CEO von McEwen Mining
»In Gold We Trust-Report is an utterly indispensable resource for anybody wishing to understand both the gold industry and the metal itself«
Grant Williams
»I love the In Gold We Trust-Report. It covers all different aspects of the gold world and serves as fantastic reference material. I always print it out and it sits on my desk for the year until the next one is released.«
Brent Johnson
Management & Founder of the Santiago Gold Fund
»A must read for people who invest in precious metals, and precious metals equities. A pleasant read too, well researched, and well written.«
Rick Rule
President & CEO at Sprott U.S. Holdings, Inc.
»In a world full of banal sell-side Gold reports that miss the mark, In Gold We Trust-Report is the go-to reference point for all things fundamental, technical & macro-related in monetary metals. Suitable for the retail and Institutional investor alike, it is a treasure trove of insights.«
Ned Naylor-Leyland
Investment Director
Quilter Cheviot Investment Management
»If we would be allowed to only read one piece of research a year, we would choose the yearly In Gold We Trust-Report.
What an incredible valuable piece of work. Kuddo’s to our brilliant friends from Lichtenstein.«
Willem Middelkoop
Founder Commodity Discovery Fund
»The annual In Gold We Trust-Report has become today’s most widely read and perhaps influential piece of research on gold, along with the major economic and market trends affecting it.«
Brien Lundin
Editor of Gold Newsletter and CEO of the New Orleans Investment Conference
»Incrementum’s annual In Gold We Trust-Report is the most early awaited report in the gold community. Don’t miss it!«
James Rickards
Author of Currency Wars and The Death of Money
»The annual In Gold We Trust-Report is the most widely forwarded research piece in the gold scene.«
John Hathaway
Manager, Tocqueville Asset Management
»When it comes to finding the most insightful and comprehensive annual gold report, in Incrementum I trust!«
Simon Mikhailovich
Founder of the Tocqueville Bullion Reserve
»Each report provides a thorough analysis of the gold market, written by money managers who understand the principles of Mises, Rothbard and the other great thinkers of the Austrian school of economics.«
James Turk
Founder of GoldMoney.com
»It is a well-documented fact that Ronald Stoeferle’s In Gold We Trust-Report was a widely read essay. However, I believe that this report will be read in future even more frequently, and that future economic historians will mention In Gold We Trust-Report in their papers and books as an example of an economist who dared to challenge the destructive monetary policies of current central bankers.«
Dr. Marc Faber
Author of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report
»In Gold We Trust-Report is the gold research piece of the year; to be honest it’s the only report that I read.«
Philip Barton
President, Gold Standard Institute
»The In Gold We Trust-Report is one of the few must read research reports in the gold industry.«
Mark O‘Byrne
CEO and founder of Goldcore.com
»Whether you are a private investor, an asset manager, or a gold miner, In Gold We Trust-Report is the one gold report you have to read every year.«
Jordan Eliseo
Senior Investment Manager, Perth Mint
»I think In Gold We Trust-Report is an enduring literary masterpiece, that perhaps should be entitled ›In Ronni and Mark we Trust‹ to bring us the best precious metal insights.«
Ben Davies
Director & CEO, Hinde Capital
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Der In Gold We Trust Report

In Gold We Trust report

The gold standard of gold research

Since 2007, the annual In Gold We Trust report is the authoritative report on gold investing, and is required reading for anyone interested in the precious metal market. Ronald-Peter Stöferle and Mark Valek analyze the state of the global financial markets and their influence on gold price developments like no other. Download or subscribe here for free.

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In Gold We Trust Classics

With the IGWT Classics we are proud to present a selection of the best articles published in the reports since 2007.

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