Guest commentary by Ronald Stöferle in “Der Aktionär”

In face of possible turbulences, Ronald Stöferle advises investors to act in a far-sighted manner in his guest commentary. (This article is only available in German.)


Welt: Attack on silver

The “Welt” reports on the attack on silver. The article includes Ronald Stöferle’s view too. (This article is only available in German.)


Advisory Board Discussion Q3 2017 – The Dollar and the Oil Market may be about to change forever

Dear investors, friends and clients, We recently had our quarterly advisory board discussion with special guest Luke Gromen, founder of Forest For The Trees, which we are big fans of. What we talked about during the call: Why the dollar is losing its monopoly on the pricing of oil Why the market-wide Schadenfreude towards gold holders, is now shifting How […]


DiePresse: Gold remains in a lurking position

Ronald Stöferle in conversation with the “Presse” on the gold price. (The article is only in German available.)


TF Metals Report: A2A with Ronni Stöferle

TF Metals Report interviewed Ronald Stöferle about the following topics: Since 2012, why hasn’t the dollar price of gold continued to track the US monetary base and US debt level? Does a flattening US yield curve inevitably lead to recession? Is a global gold revaluation or “reset” pending? Will the Chinese back their currency with […]


FRA Roundtable Insight: Ronald-Peter Stoeferle On “In Gold and Bitcoin We Trust”

At FRA’s Roundtable Insight Ronald Stöferle discussed the further development of the normalization of monetary policy in the US and the effects as well as the exclusive interview with Judy Shelton and five reasons why the gold bull market will continue.


Focus Online: Why Gold is better than day-to-day money – and currently unbeatably favorable

Focus Online reports on the InGoldweTrust report and concludes that gold is currently a bargain. (The article is only in German available.)


Mark Valek at Metallwoche: About monetary tinder and the matches

Mark Valek at the interview with the Metallwoche about monetary tinder and the matches. (This video is only available in German.)


Ronald-Peter Stöferle in an interview with Philoro about possible effects of interest rate hikes, recession or an impeachment Donald Trumps

In the philoro interview, Ronald-Peter Stöferle talks about the possible effects of interest rate hikes, recession or an impeachment Donald Trumps on the gold price. (The article is only in German available.)


Interview with Ronald Stöferle of Crush The Street

Crush The Street interviewed Ronald Stöferle. The next US recession is on the doorstep! Is gold the answer?


Financial Repression Authority: Ronald Peter Stoeferle on what Interest Rates and Gold Prices are saying

Financial Repression Authority discussed with Yra Harris, Ronald Peter Stoeferle and Jayant Bhandari on what Interest Rates and Gold Prices are saying.


Investment-newsletter from the Austrian Mint: Populism, political insecurity and the gold price

In its investment newsletter, the Austrian Mint reports on the findings of the In Gold we Trust Report. (This article in available in German only.)


Jim Rickards discussing In Gold we Trust Report 2017

Jim Rickards discussed with Ronald Stöferle and Mark Valek the key topics of the new In Gold we Trust Report 2017.


Financial Sense: Ron Stoeferle on “In Gold We Trust” 2017 Report – Early Stages of Next Bull Run

Financial Sense interviewed Ronald Stöferle on his thoughts on the new In Gold We Trust Report and he explained why he thinks that gold is in the early stages of its next bull run.


pro aurum tv: Interview with Ronald Stöferle about the impacts on the gold price

Ronald Stöferle explains in the interview with pro aurum tv why opportunity costs are important for the gold price and announces his mid-term price target for gold. (This video ist available in German only.)


Palisade Radio: Interview with Ronald Stöferle about the InGoldweTrust-report 2017

Palisade Radio interviews Ronald Stöferle about the most important points of the new gold report.


Standard: “From bitcoins you can’t make a wedding ring”

Ronald Stöferle explains the similarities and differences between gold and bitcoins in the “Standard”. (This article in available in German only.)


Welt: This curve speaks for a new gold bull market

Ronald Stöferle explains in an article of “Welt” why an ounce of gold could be worth over 3,000 US dollars just in a few years. (This article is avaiable in German only.)


Forbes: 2017 Mid-Year Stock Market Outlook: 4 Charts Show It’s Time To Buy Gold

Forbes reports about the InGoldweTrust-Report and shows 4 Charts why it’s time to buy gold.


Zero Hedge: Sell Economic Ingnorance – Buy Gold

Zero Hedge reports on the InGoldweTrust-Report 2017 and comes to the conclusion “Sell Economic Ingnorance – Buy Gold”.


NZZ: Monetary surrealism

The NZZ reports on the monetary surrealism that currently prevails in the markets. (This article is available in German only.)


MishTalk: Gold a Volatility Play?

MishTalk reports on the InGoldweTrust-Report and asks: Is Gold a Volatility Play?


Das Investment: 10 arguments for an early gold price rise

“Das Investment” reports on ten exciting charts from the InGoldweTrust-Report 2017 and finds ten arguments why the gold price could rise soon. This article is available in German only.

22-06-2017 Incrementum-Fundsmanager still trust in gold reports about the InGoldweTrust-reports 2017 and explains why Stöferle und Valek still trust in gold. This article is available in German only.


In Gold we Trust Report 2017

Dear investors, friends and clients, We are proud to announce that the 11th edition of our annual “In Gold we Trust” report has been published. Key topics and takeaways of the report: High expectations of Trump’s growth policy dampened the gold price increase in 2016 – Still up 8.5% in 2016 and 10.2% since Jan. […]


Incrementum Advisory Board Discussion Q2: US Going To War With North Korea and Gold Going Below USD 1,000?


Bitcoin or Gold – guest article by Demelza Hays in the Forbes magazine

Demelza Hays geht im Forbes Magazin auf die Unterschiede zwischen Bitcoin und Gold ein und erklärt warum Bitcoin viel mehr als nur “Digitales Gold” ist.


When it comes to Gold next week, it is all about that

When it comes to Gold next week, it is all about the USD. Mark Valek explains his thougts on the development of the gold price in the next weeks.


Bloomberg reports about Stöferle and the gold price as inflation makes a comeback

Stöferle explains at Bloomberg that the gold price will rise to $ 1,400 or $ 1,500 per ounce if inflation returns.


Advisory Board Meeting Q1 2017 – A Volatile Year Ahead, Potential Chinese Currency Crisis & Further Dollar Strengthening

We recently had another very interesting and thought-provoking advisory board discussion. On the call we had Heinz Blasnik, Frank Shostak and our special guest Paul Mylchreest, who is a thought leader on gold and the dollar. What did we talk about during the call? A major dollar related risk in 2017 A potential Chinese currency crisis […]